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Autumn Report

Every year, by the end of October, the Council publishes the Autumn Report, which includes -
(a) an evaluation of macroeconomic and budgetary forecasts under the provisions of this Law,
(b) an evaluation, under the provisions of this Law, of progress in relation to the adaptation period to ensure compliance with the financial rules within the operation of the automatic correction mechanism,
(c) an evaluation of the government's fiscal policy, including fiscal measures.
The Minister communicates to the Council, two (2) weeks prior to the publication of the documents mentioned in this Article, the data and assumptions on the macroeconomic and budgetary forecasts which the State budget is based on and the Council provides an estimate of the macroeconomic forecasts by sending a letter to the Minister within five (5) days from the communication date:

It is provided for that, if the Council does not agree with the macroeconomic forecasts, it informs the Minister, who convenes, within five (5) days, a conciliation committee consisting of the members of the Council and representatives of the Ministry of Finance and if, within three (3) days of the convening of the conciliation committee, the Council is not yet able to support the macroeconomic forecasts, the Minister publicly announces his/her position and provides reasons for not supporting the forecasts.

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